Leading your life from the feminine through  remembering your unique feminine archetypes

What if the key to leading your best life was to rediscover your unique feminine archetype?

Welcome to the Archetype Alchemist!

You’re in the right place if you want practical ways to:

  • Learn about the archetypal patterns that drive your behavior
  • Tap into your feminine archetypal power, value and values
  • Blend the elements earth, air, fire and water to live your most integrated and invigorated life
  • Make deeper, better connections with others
  • Embody the unique archetype that suits the phase of life that you are in
  • Find the purpose you were meant to fulfill using your unique archetypal talents






Living, being and embodying feminine values in leading your life

What if there was an easier and softer place from which to lead your life?

What if your body was the key to becoming who you were meant to be?

What if compassion, collaboration and confidence were the basis of  your life?

The Archetype Alchemist Energy Series and Methodology enables women to live more authentically integrated lives by helping them to:

  • remember their feminine energy and values,
  • embody habits and ways of being that support their dreams,goals and desires in life
  • understand the link between beliefs, confidence and connection.

The Archetype Alchemist Energy Methodology is a practical, entertaining and intuitive way to increase compassion, collaboration and confidence in your life using the wisdom of the feminine.


What if you could be the woman you were meant to be?

What if you could lead your life with more compassion, collaboration and confidence?

 Let’s explore the possibilities of living a  truly integrated life.






Get a feel for the program


Download the coloring book:

Listen to the theme songs which correspond to each archetypal energy while exploring the different Archetypes here.


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Wishing you a life full of possibilities made into realities.

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