Archetypes are forms(as defined by Plato) or psychological patterns (as poplularized by Carl Jung) which serve as a blueprint for universally applicable, roles,life phases and events.There are numerous Archetypes and systems for working with them. The female Archetypes found in the Archetype Alchemist Energy Series are representative of the trinity of roles and life phases encountered by all women i.e. maiden, mother and crone/wise woman.

These are energies that we as women experience in life, the child to young woman or maiden phase, the years of creation, contribution, participation and work in a material sense or the mother phase and the years of reflection, wisdom and true peace with onself  or wise woman phase. While this seems to be chronological in nature, the truth is that we as women work with and through cycles. We can call on these energies at any time in our development.

Within these Archetypes you can explore:

inner child/inner maiden work,

ways in which you have given away your power,

ways in which you work against yourself and

ways in which you are out of integrity.

It seems counterintuitive but in exploring the various archetypes and the values they embody, you will learn more about yourself and what you value most.You will also find the way in which you are uniquely creative and the kinds of female friendships that make you feel most nourished. Most importantly you will be starting the journey to wholeness, understanding and fulfillment that can only be found by truly understanding and accepting yourself.

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Thora Maria


Faith represented as an Archetypal state of completion and new beginnings