Thora Maria

You are a loving, peaceful soul with a caring heart. Like a mamma bear you ferociously defend those you love and you are not afraid to stand up for yourself when it is really important. You are a good balance of strength and peace.


Personal motto

I am strong because I care.

Promise to others

I understand how you feel and I care about you.


We are all one.


I bring the intelligence of my heart to all interactions and have peaceful relationships with all.

Energy type

Compassionate energy


Chocolate, Green and Lemon – Chocolate is associated with sweetness, luxury and nourishment. Green is associated with growth, health and healing. Lemon is associated with inspiration, the intellect and a zest for life.


Compassionate, in touch with your feelings, strong,  you never give up, family oriented, classy, well- groomed, you crave connection.