Shamelessly Spiritual

It took me a long time to adopt the Shamelessly Spiritual Mindset. I was so caught up in worrying about what people would think about my career change and about my interest in ‘new-age’ spirituality that I was paralyzed for a number of years. I would endlessly gather information, get sparks of inspiration and rush off in a new direction, only to have my enthusiasm peter out and another train of thought was left unfinished.

It takes courage to rise out of shame, courage to be your authentic self, to follow your vision, to express that inner whisper that wants to roar.

The spirituality that I speak of on this website and in my products is for me an inherent part of who we are. It is separate from religion, philosophy, ethnicity,gender, or world view. Like the Alchemists of old I believe in the existence of Spirit and I believe that we are Spirit, so in declaring myself Shamelessly Spiritual I am essentially saying that I am Shamelessly Human.

I believe that we have forgotten that our true humanity is found in mastering living on the Earth while searching for transcendence through reaching for our spiritual selves.

If you also believe that spirituality is an integral part of the human experience, join me and the Archetypes on a journey to your own shameless self!