In this online book you will be introduced to 12 archetypes and one archetypal state. The 12 illustrated archetypes represent ideal values and the 13th archetype is an archetypal state representing the embodiment of the best versions of ourselves. All archetypes are depictions of feminine energy through universal values.

In the different chapters, the archetypes are linked to various systems including the 5 elements theory, the astrological system, working with crystals, animal totems, the tarot and the coaching system Theory U.

Systems are simply lenses through which we make sense of the world. I have linked the archetypes to the various systems in order to give you various perspectives on the same issues and to deepen your practice with the archetypes.
I created this series to honor women I have known and admired. It is a mixture of myth and reality and it is my hope that in working with these Archetypes that you will come to a better understanding of self.

Table of contents

Chapter 1 – Introduction to the Archetypes