Ch3 The Seeker

We are all on a quest, even if we do not consciously know it, we often begin by searching outside of ourselves for something or someone until eventually, we realize that what we are looking for is ourselves.

Specifically, we are looking to know ourselves better, to understand what drives us, gives us a sense of purpose, and what will bring us the most satisfaction in life. We’re yearning to become our best selves and to live our lives well. We’re discovering who we thrive around and what we would like to create during and contribute to this life so that we leave some good behind.

Quests appeal to our sense of adventure and the unknown. There is no planned out route and even if we head out in a certain direction we’re not sure what we are going to find. The element of surprise inherent in a quest means that we also have to be adaptable and fairly optimistic, even a bit naive to get the most out of the experience.

Every good quest requires a seeker or an initiate. Traditionally an unsuspecting, some would say foolish soul who embarks on the journey into the great unknown. Answering the call takes courage and courage is sometimes as simple as taking one step forward.

On this website, I’m inviting you to come on a quest with me and the archetypes. The journey will be different for each of us, with triumphs and challenges at various points, sometimes it will feel like nothing much is happening or that the landscape is unchanging, but we will always be moving forward to another tree, climbing another mountain or a following the course of a river at a different point. We are guided along our journey. You don’t need to bring much, in fact, the less you bring the better. This journey is a celebration of trusting your instincts and knowing that the help that you need will be there when you ask for it. Are you ready to step up and leave your old way of being behind? Let’s get started!