Working with 13 Archetypes you will learn more about:

  • your drives and desires= Your Fire Self
  • your emotions= Your Water Self
  • your thoughts and beliefs = Your Air Self
  • your physical way of being= Your Earth Self
  • your Spirit= Your Qunitessential/Harmonized Self

Alchemists worked with these 5 elements:

Fire   –   Water   –   Air   –   Earth   –   Quintessence

Quintessence is the purest form or essence of a thing and was the fifth element that the Alchemist him or herself brought to their experiments. In the Archetype Alchemist Methodology, Quintessence is also referred to as Harmony.

The main purpose of Alchemy is transformation through self- reflection and experimentation, in an attempt to find harmony in oneself and with the elements that make up our inner and outer worlds. All body work done in the Archetype Alchemist Methodology is linked to one of the elements. Working with the elements, you will become skilled in methods to integrate and embody insights you gain from your daily practice.