Shamelessly Spiritual

My work is based on a mindset I call the Shamelessly Spiritual Mindset. Spirituality is a loaded term, but for me it is most closely related to values, how do we value ourselves, value others and what is the intention we bring to the purpose that we fullfil.

In my former careers as an Educator, Dean and Lawyer I used the ShamelesslySpiritual Mindset to be of service to my students and clients. Now, that I coach female leaders and teams, I get to fully embody the Shamelessly Spiritual Mindset through proven and tested practices drawn from my braod professional experience and client feedback.

In addition to my own coaching tools, I rely heavily on advances in the field of  Neuroscience and in particular the work of the late Judith E. Glaser on Conversational Intelligence showing the neural pathways of trust and distrust and how understanding where and how trust is created can lead to better conversations and relationships. We know that we cannot achieve anything in any kind of personal or professional relationship without trust. In my work with female leaders and the teams they lead , establishing emotional and psychological trust is at the base of the work that we do.

I believe  that work is a spiritual practice for all of us but in particular for women.When women truly know themselves, when we allow each other to shine and when we champion each other, we can do extraordinary things.