Archetype Alchemist

Welcome to the Community for professional black women!

You’re here because :

you value compassion and collaboration in your life and relationships,

you want to link your creativity to your purposeful work,

you struggle with anxiety or depression as a direct result of microaggressions at work and want to reclaim your confidence and well-being in a community.

If you want:

1. a holistic approach to life and work

2. to take care of your mental health

3. to improve the clarity of purpose that makes you extraordinary in your field.

Then you should join us, today inside the Archetype Alchemist Energy Community!

I’ve created the Archetype Alchemist Energy Community for women like you who want to embody and live harmoniously with their most cherished values. Our self-paced program provides enough guidance and support to keep you engaged and encouraged. In this program, you will discover 12 Archetypes, all based on black women who embody values, lessons, and aspects of femininity. In 12 lessons, you will learn how the 12 female Archetypes can deepen your understanding of your specific gifts and talents and how they apply to your purpose, psychological safety, and passion for life.

In the Archetype Alchemist Energy Community, you will learn how to link creativity, compassion, collaboration, and confidence to your purpose as you optimize your personal and professional life.

Join the Archetype Alchemist Energy Community today and start living your best life!

For information about my coaching program contact me.

I wish you a life filled with countless opportunities that you can transform into reality.

Love and respect,