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The place for (aspiring) exceptional leaders and exceptional teams.

This is for you and your team if:

your goal is to lead with compassion but you don’t always get it right, you’re pivoting your high performing local team to a virtual one and you’re worried about losing connection and engagement, you’re new to this leadership thing and you and your team are freaking out.

This is especially for you if

you have a holistic approach to life and work and want to take care of your own and your teams’ mental, physical, spiritual, and creative wellbeing while improving the clarity of purpose that makes you a winning team.

You’ll learn how to:

Improve compassion for yourself and others

Increase collaboration in the teams that you lead

Use the connection between creativity and confidence to boost wellbeing in yourself and your team

I created the Archetype Alchemist Energy Series for leaders and teams who value compassion, collaboration, creativity, and confidence in the (virtual) workplace as much as I do. My approach is holistic, which fully supports the trend towards working from home, integrating all of your values for all areas of your crazy, beautiful life while building trust in far-flung virtual teams. The values work that I do incorporates the female Archetypes in this Series. Additional tools and techniques are applied to your team based on its elemental character and the type of leadership that you express best and under which your team thrives.

The Archetype Alchemist Energy Series introduces you to 13 Female Archetypes who can show you how to increase creativity, compassion, collaboration, and confidence in your personal and professional life to optimize your individual and team performance.

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Listen to the theme songs which correspond to each archetypal energy while exploring the different Archetypes here.

Looking for a unique ice breaker for your team members? The Archetype Alchemist Energy Series Card Collection is a great way to let someone know how fabulous you think they are! All of the cards contain positive messages describing a specific Archetype. Intrigued? Then hop on over to the webshop.

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