Welcome to the Archetype Alchemist!

The place for overwhelmed and high performing professional women to recharge and reconnect with their core values.

Have you’ve been doing your best at home and at work but not getting the results you want?

Do you want to improve your relationships with other women in your life?.

Do you lie awake at night because you know you are not being true to yourself?

The Archetype Alchemist Energy Series shows you how to live a more authentically integrated personal and professional life by helping you to:

  • remember your feminine energy and values and improve your relationships with other women,
  • embody habits and ways of being that support your dreams, goals, and desires in life
  • understand how to harmonize your emotions, your self-worth, your thoughts, and your vitality to live a happier life.

The Archetype Alchemist Energy Series gives smart and talented women a practical, enriching and intuitive way to increase compassion, collaboration, and confidence in their personal and professional lives by remembering the wisdom of the feminine and of the elements.

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Listen to the theme songs which correspond to each archetypal energy while exploring the different Archetypes here.

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