Archetype Alchemist

Welcome to the place for extraordinary people of purpose!

You’re here because :

you value compassion and collaboration in your life and relationships,

you want to link your creativity to your purposeful work

you struggle with anxiety or depression and want to reclaim your confidence and well-being in a community

You’re really in the right place if:

1. you have a holistic approach to life and work

2. you want to take care of your mental health

3. you want to improve the clarity of purpose that makes you extraordinary in your field.

I’ve created the Archetype Alchemist Energy Academy to help you to embody and live in harmony with your most cherished values. Working with 12 female Archetypes you will deepen your understanding of your specific gifts and talents and how they apply to your purpose and psychological safety at work.

In the Archetype Alchemist Energy Academy, you will learn how to link creativity, compassion, collaboration, and confidence to your purpose as you optimize your personal and professional life.

For coaching and training contact me.

Wishing you a life full of possibilities made into realities.

Love and respect,


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