You are prepared to follow your calling. The path that is right for you and to show yourself on the world stage. The world lies at your feet. The circle is complete, you’ve achieved success and learnt your lessons

This is the promise of completion available to everyone who is searching for their authentic selves. If you want to live a truly integrated life where your values are the foundation of your actions, then you will look to this Archetype.


Personal motto

I am committed to being my best.

Promise to others

There is no shame in starting over. With each right decision you become a better version of yourself.


Self-discovery is the purpose of our existence.


I show you that you are much more than you thought you could be.

Energy type

Fully realized energy


Yellow, Blue, Black and White – Yellow is associated with energy, the intellect and achieving well deserved recognition. Blue is associated with calm, freshness, clarity and truth. Black is associated with fullness, opportunity, the unknown.  White is associated with integrity, light and inner peace.


Success, satisfaction, integration, values, living the dream, harmony of body, mind and spirit.