Our core values

The Archetype Alchemist brand rests on four pillars.

Creativity, compassion, collaboration, and confidence.

When I looked around the feminine leadership landscape in my professional and personal life, I was struck by how often relationships at work between smart and talented women missed the mark and I became curious about what went wrong.

In reviewing my own experiences with other female leaders and colleagues, a pattern began to emerge. Smart women reported being able to work well with each other one on one. However, something often went pear-shaped when the very same women were placed into teams.

It would be simplistic and insulting to ascribe this to the ‘mean girls’ syndrome so I looked deeper and broke it down to a set of values that were present when relationships, communication, and team performance worked and were absent when they didn’t.

Every example of great relationships, connection, and team effectiveness contained the same four values that were missing in situations where the connection was strained. My own data was a start but I needed more proof, so I spoke to a number of women about their experiences, not only in the workplace but in any group relationship with other women where things went wonky. What emerged were four core issues that lead to relationship breakdown and lack of effectiveness in female teams. Our relationships with other women suffer when we forget:

1. how to understand each other- compassion,

2. how to authentically work together – collaboration

3. how to be secure in our own unique talents and abilities- confidence.


4. that we have an innate need for self-expression- creativity

The idea for the Archetype Alchemist Energy Series slowly took shape as I worked outward from these core values. Common themes began to emerge around our ability to be kind to ourselves and others, our self- image and our perception of our own value in relation to other women, our willingness to be supportive of other women and how all of this was linked to our creative need for self-expression.

In the Archetype Alchemist Energy Series, these values are taken from real-life experiences, based on real women and are embodied through a series of tested and proven practices. I invite you to join me in creating a world in which creative women enjoy mutually satisfying, supportive and secure personal and professional relationships.