The Sorceress, you are capable of more than you realize, you want to achieve your goals and succeed. You have a healthy drive and an inquisitive mind. Your wit and charm are grounded in intelligence. You are a great conversationalist.

Personal motto

I listen and learn and this is the source of my personal power.

Promise to others

I will listen to you. Together we can figure it out.


I listen to the Universe and always know what I need to know.


I love learning about life and sharing this knowledge with others.

Energy type

Conscious energy


Sapphire – Sapphire is associated with wisdom and royalty, hope and faith, power and strength. Additionally, it is associated with order, structure, self-discipline, and all things sacred.


Highly intellectual, mischievous, tenacious, a good listener and speaker, fashionable, inspirational, independent, adjusts quickly, and can create her own reality.