Leading with the Elemental Archetypes

Leading with the Elemental Archetypes is a unique exploration of your leadership abilities using the wisdom of the natural world.

The elements have always been an integral part of our human experience. We live on earth, in material bodies. We cannot exist without the air that we breathe. We are made up of mostly water and we rely on fire to warm us ,to transform our food and our materials and to ignite our passions and dreams.

These archetypal qualities of the elements translate beautifully and seamlessly into leadership attributes which can be both customized to fit your individual and corporate styles or integrated into existing leadership methodologies.

Earth Leaders – The Where of Leadership

Earth Element Archetypes understand that slow and steady wins the race. These Archetypes lead by providing a safe haven i.e a supportive culture for sharing among stakeholders. Their attention to detail and the ability to understand the seasonal nature of projects ensures success.

More than anything else, leadership and culture drive employee engagement. About three-quarters link engagement to relationships, trust, and culture.

The State of Employee Engagement in 2018- Glint report

Shirley – Stabilize and Economize- The Shirley Archetype shows you how to hold space and maintain relationships by an economic use of resources. Stability comes from a firm, balanced stance. Highly creative, she encourages excellence and fun in the workplace through her own respect for and admiration of her team.

Claudia– Executive and Authority Figure- The Claudia Archetype shows you how to get higher by doing, you must execute, just talking about goals doesn’t get you there. Her Authority comes from practical experience . and shows you how to bridge where you are to get to where you want to be.

Thora Maria– Examiner and Editor- The Thora Maria Archetype shows you how attention to detail and review of the existing facts solidifies your starting point and helps you to progress towards your desired goal. You can course-correct by integrating the available, new, and relevant information.

Water leaders – The Who of Leadership

Water Element Archetypes lead by showing the power in emotional mastery. They are the empaths who know how to motivate and listen to their team members. They get to the bottom of things in order to understand core issues and make them visible so that transparency and trust can be established.

Leadership is personal… Do the people you lead know who you are, what you care about, and why they ought to be following you?

Ron Sugar, chairman emeritus Northrop Guzman Corp.

Bernadette– Nurturer and Preserver- Bernadette shows you how to care for yourself and your team by preserving your values and successes. She builds on past success, learns from past failures, and uses that knowledge to build confidence and self-mastery. She understands that the stories we tell ourselves about who we were in the past, make or break the efforts we are making towards who we are becoming now.

Ruby– Detective and Manager- Ruby shows you how to go deep into your drives and desires and to use this knowledge to be a more relatable leader.   Trust starts with vulnerability. True leaders are not afraid to show their feelings in the service of others. Before this can be done, the leader must be the master of her emotions. Mastery of her emotions leads to earning the right to lead others and to find out more about her colleagues.

Elaine– Healer and Artist- Elaine shows you how to use your intuition to make better team relationships and business decisions.  Her ability to understand the underlying issues helps her to be a step ahead and to deepen relationships and engagement. The empathy she brings to her leadership is healing and her unconventional methods and creative outlook bring a fresh perspective to her interactions.

Fire Leaders – The What of Leadership

The Fire Elemental Leaders are natural leaders from the front. They fire people up, lead by example and add charisma and drive to their leadership style.

The ability to foster collaboration is a major differentiator between highly engaged and less engaged organizations. Being able to build trust by being fair is another differentiator. Leaders in more highly engaged organizations are also better at listening carefully to employee feedback and maintaining a positive work culture.

The State of Employee Engagement in 2018- Glint report

Tamara– Teacher and Philosopher- Tamara is a joyous and uplifting Archetype whose energy is infectious and inspiring.  She brings positivity and enthusiasm to every undertaking. This is the type of leader who gets you to buy into their vision. With her eyes on the target she lets you know that it is safe to follow her as she has charted a realistic course that prepares you for the peaks and valleys ahead.

Angela– Warrior and Leader- Angela is an energetic and natural leader from the front. She is most likely to be heard shouting ‘Charge!” as she storms into new territory. Her tendency towards recklessness is tempered by extreme discipline and the ability to think quickly on her feet. Keeping up with her might be a challenge but you will be so mesmerized by her steps that you can’t help but follow.

Gloria– Actor and Leader- Gloria is most likely to show you how it’s done by acting it out and entertaining you along the way. Her drive comes from a willingness to explore and learn new skills which she shares with her team. This is a leader who transforms others by showing you her transformation first.

Air Leaders – The How of Leadership

Air Element Leaders are witty. They think and speak quickly and can easily convey complex concepts in clear, technical, and motivational terms. This ability to effectively communicate their thoughts to others is the superpower that allows their leadership capacity to soar.

Take advantage of every opportunity to practice your communication skills so that when important occasions arise, you will have the gift, the style, the sharpness, the clarity, and the emotions to to affect other people.

Jim Rohn

Merle– Communicator and Networker- Merle is the archetype that leads by curiosity.  Open-minded and with an ability to connect thoughts and people. She cultivates and encourages critical thinking, positive feedback, and innovation in the workplace.

Josephine– Inventor and Innovator- Josephine is the outlier. She pushes boundaries because she doesn’t see them. Her thinking is unconventional and in the interest of the collective. She leads by encouraging you to have a unique vision of yourself and shows you that true authenticity is accepted when it is modeled by enough people.

Charlene– Diplomat and Strategist- Charlene is the most grounded of the air archetype leaders. She can see the value of a lofty vision and can convince others of its practical application. Her leadership style is fair, relaxed, and extremely intelligent. She is the Jack of all trades with the ability to also master them. When she comes up with a plan of action it is grounded in technical know-how with a view to the desired goal.