The Archetype Alchemist Energy Academy

Transform yourself and embody your purpose!

I created the Archetype Alchemist Energy Academy to teach extraordinary people, like you, how to express and embody their purpose! Archetypes are examples of who we could be in various situations. Alchemy takes us through the process of getting from who we are to who we want to be. You will see what is possible for you and you will take the steps to make it happen! In the Archetype Alchemist Energy Academy, we will focus on transforming your life and expressing your purpose in four Archetypal Growth Centers: Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual. Each Archetypal Growth Center is linked to an Element and is supported by a pillar of purpose.

During this program, you will transform and expand your:

Mental Archetypal Growth – This Center is about how you think about the world. Here, you will open your mind to new ways of thinking by challenging old and limiting beliefs and discovering new skills. You will practice the process of expanding your vision of your purpose. Your mental archetypes are Cerulle, Larena, and Celes, the element is Air and the pillar or purpose is Creativity.

Physical Archetypal Growth– This is about how you move in the world. How you show up, use your space, and the energy you bring. You will practice purposeful embodiment and presence. Your physical archetypes are Oria, Arisu, and Therris, the element is Earth and the pillar of purpose is Collaboration.

Emotional Archetypal Growth– This is about how you feel in the world and how you feel about the world. Your will understand how your emotions work for and against you when navigating your life and relationships. You will practice self-compassion and compassion for others by focused intention and purpose. Your emotional archetypes are Azura, Tsunis, and Aimi, the element is Water and the pillar of purpose is Compassion.

Spiritual Archetypal Growth – This is about how you understand the world and your answer to these age-old questions: Who am I? Where did I come from? What am I here to do? Where am I going after this? You will practice the process of the beginner’s mind. Your spiritual archetypes are Ayita, Eos, and Aika, the element is Fire and the pillar to purpose is Confidence.